Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Thanksgiving already?!

Wow, where did the season go?! I can't believe it's Thanksgiving already, it definitely doesn't feel like it. Maybe it's because of the weird weather we've been experiencing this year in Jersey; lately the temperature has been bouncing between low 30s one week and then right up to 60s the next. I feel like I haven't properly experienced autumn yet and it's already going to be December!

These past weeks have flew by in a blur. Fall is usually a busy season for me when it comes to events, but this year I purposely didn't book any event work for these months so that I can dedicate to finishing the work on our house. But as it happens, some way somehow, random things always come up and that has kept my progress on the house at the same "slow but steady" pace. Sigh. I'm learning to accept and work with that.

For now, a major cause for thanks-giving is that we finally have heat! This is huge, because up until a week and a half ago we were freezing our faces off and I couldn't figure out why our baseboards weren't working. I spent days tinkering with the furnace to no avail, then finally gave up and called in the professionals. A proper diagnosis and $$$$ later, we have a brand spanking new furnace and heat--wonderful, heart-warming, spirit-restoring heat!

Oh but there's a kicker. During the installation of the new furnace, this also happened:

That's the plumbing/heating guy telling me "now you know what a rain shower head is" as water is pouring out from the ceiling. They had discovered that a pipe had burst in two places. I was definitely not ready for that much excitement that day.

The good news is that the broken pipe is now fixed and that the whole thing happened in our unfurnished basement (had the leak happened anywhere upstairs, it would've been all over our furniture and just a complete nightmare.) The bad news is that now there is a giant hole in the ceiling I have to re-insulate and patch up. Just another thing I have to add to the already long To-Do-List for the house. It never ends!

Well, I guess all that will have to wait. For now, I'm just looking forward to a long weekend with family, good friends, and good food :) Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!

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