Friday, August 29, 2014

Favorite Necessities for Plane Travel

Hooray for another holiday weekend! E and I are flying out to the west coast to attend his sister's wedding in Big Sur, CA. It's going to be beautiful and it's always great to reunite with family. I'm looking forward to the getaway--to just relax, unwind, and enjoy the sun, water, and food (isn't that the best part to traveling?)

After years of regular domestic and international travel, I think I've finally found my favorite plane outfit. Why do I need a "plane outfit"? Because spending hours being confined to a seat (not to mention all the extra time spent schlepping luggage around and waiting at the airport) necessitates clothing that will maximize comfort while holding up to a good day of work (doesn't flying feel like a long day at work sometimes?)

Flying in jeans was never an option; I like to move and stretch a lot, often hiking up a leg on to my seat or even sitting in half lotus position. I used to fly in basically an uniform of sweats: sweat pants with sweat shirt. It was super comfortable, but also super drabby.

Nowadays, my go-to plane outfit has evolved into a pretty good balance between style and function. 

 Why I love this outfit:

1. Leggings: black keeps it simple and classic, and is also great at hiding any stains from accidental spills while traveling. Even more importantly, it's just as comfy as sweats!

2. Chambray shirt: casual and comfortably lose, yet still delivering understated style--something a sweatshirt just can't accomplish.

3. Ankle boots: my favorite pair of rough and tumble boots. They're comfortable (comfort is a theme here!) and easy to remove at the security check. Extra plus, the low heel gives me a lift but still comfy for walking.

4. Scarf: a light-weight scarf is a must-have for me. It adds a touch of style but it offers even more function. Temperatures often fluctuate on the plane or at the airport, so throwing on a scarf or using it as a shoulder wrap is easy and effective for when I get chilly.

5. Sunglasses: nothing transforms a tired face than sunglasses. When my eyes look weary after a long flight, I just throw on my shades and suddenly I look more put together. It also doubles as my sleep mask.

6. Accessories: I like to keep it simple; just one necklace or pair of earrings does the job of kicking it up a notch.

Now for a peak inside my carry-on bag:

Of all the things I could stuff into my bag, there are three must-have's:

1. Water bottle: I always bring an empty one through airport security, then fill it up on the plane. It's great because I can then drink whenever I feel the need and not worry about spilling.

2. Cup ramen: nowadays many domestic flights don't offer complimentary meals and the food they do offer for sale is not exactly amazing. For a backup meal or mid-flight snack for those long international trips, ramen is great. Doesn't get easier than just adding hot water!

3. Gum: to tackle any funky after-flight breath, but also to help with any potential ear pain during the descent. Two birds with one stone!

What are your plans for Labor Day weekend?
Are you jetting off to somewhere? What are some of your travel must-haves?

Have a great long weekend, everyone! :)


  1. Love your travel outfit & your carry-on must-haves! I second that cup ramen strategy!! <3